Your Wedding photographerWho is that girl ?

On your wedding, you will share a lot of your privacy with me, especially during the preparations. So here’s a little more about me .. I’m sure we have something in common! I little photography of me ..

  • Passions

  • In few words :
    Smile - Cats- History - TV series- Scotland-Food & Drinks
  • I'm a passionate, when something comes into my life it can take all the space. I worked in communication but I've been for years (for my pleasure) a Maine Coon cat breeder. This passion brings me all over the world ! I'm a traveler, I've always love trips. I'm a crazy lover of Scotland, first time I put a foot in Scotland I feel like someone coming home after a long trip (I had to be William Wallace in another life). Traveling naturally led me to photography. I love history, books, films, Tv series about it. I'm a fond of TV series (Vikings, Big Bang Theory, GOT... )My perfect evening ? A glass of wine, some cheese, bread and good friends (so frenchy right ?) or ... a scottish pub lost in a small village of Skye, a glass of cider and a traditional band playing music or ...just a wonderful night over the stars somewhere with the right person

My job : photographer
  • My job : photographer

  • How do I work and why ?
  • Your (Hi)story is the point. I want to provide you timeless photographs of your day. Simple is beautiful and photography is a testimony of your life story. I want you to be able to share these moments with the next generations.

    For my editing I like to be quiet with musique ( Folk, Angus & Julia , Ben howard, Passenger, Cocoon, Electro-jazz as Parov Stelar), a good cup of jasmine tea & my cats walking on the keyboard ( & I pretend to get upset by that)

Ma playlist
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  • Mais qui est cette nana ?
  • Dynamique, souriante, toujours de bonne humeur, sincère et droite. J'aime travailler dans un environnement détendu et partager avec mes couples la joie de vivre qui émane le jour de leur mariage ! Je suis très (trop ?) spontanée. Je suis le yin & le yang, Dr Renaud & Mister Renard, gai & enjouée et pourtant mélancolique & rêveuse, fêtarde & pantouflarde... J'aime les histoires, votre histoire, racontez-moi, emmenez-moi avec vous...