… In a few words

I am a passionate woman. I have worked as a Maine Coon cats breeder for several years, aside of my main job in communication. This passion enabled me to travel all over the world, and let’s be honest, that suited me pretty much! I am passionate about travelling, and an airlines websites compulsive user, in search for ticket to anywhere, anytime!
I enjoy heading toward somewhere I haven’t planed going. Unconditional Scotland lover (I must have been William Wallace in a previous life), travelling has moreover brought me to photography…

I like heavy metal and poetry; I appreciate wild Scottish landscapes and London nightlife; I enjoy a well-balanced mojito in summer as much as a cup of hot chocolate under a blanket in winter; I love having a brunch in a market and watching rugby games with friends. On another note, I am passionate about history and I can’t help reading every book and watching every show, documentary, or movie around this topic. I am also a big fan of TV shows, any type of TV shows (from Dexter to Big Bang theory, including Vikings and also SOA)..

" Travelling side by side..and turning ‘somewhere else’ into ‘somewhere special’ ..."

"Getting lost to find myself : my way to happiness "

People usually describe me as pleasant and reliable. I like sincere relationships - trust me and I’ll give you the best, both professionally as your wedding photographer, and personally. I am a spontaneous person and make decisions based on my emotions. I am both the “yin” and the “yang”, both Dr Renaud and Mister Renard (as a French singer calls himself), a happy and enthusiastic person, and yet melancholic and also a dreamer… And finally I am a party animal… as well as a couch potato – okay, let’s be honest here : being in my thirties, today I party less than I used to when I was 20… but I can still show strong skills in that field when there’s an opportunity.

Some music ? Yes, and a large slice please ! From Johnny Cash to Petit Biscuit, including Angus & Julia Stone, Bob Dylan, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Parov Stelar, Korn, SOAD, Bob Marley, Radiohead,… I love traditional Scottish music, Irish folk, Pavane de G. Fauret, la Bossa Nova, Charleston and a lot more !

Want to know my secret dream? I would love to have the opportunity to cover a wedding in my favorite place in the world: the island of Skye in Scotland… and why not, moving there too… one day, maybe…
Until that dream comes true, I'm glad to be your wedding photographer in France and all over the globe